Voice and Tone

NMSI is informed yet approachable. We inspire positive emotional responses about our mission and our results, and we appeal to reason to gain our audience’s attention from a positive and optimistic point of view. We share our successes through stories and measurable results.

The following words should be used as a guide when thinking about the emotion or attitude we want our content to convey.


Equitable. Accessible. Diverse.

We believe everyone should have access to a quality education. We strive to make educational opportunities available to all students, and to prepare a diverse workforce of teachers with the highest quality training and support. 


Informed. Deliberate. Capable. 

Our programs and educational materials are thoroughly researched and we use data to make informed decisions about how we measure our success, improve upon our work and invest our donors’ contributions. Knowledge and thoughtfulness are behind every decision we make. 


Empowering. Enlightening. Edifying. 

We want every student to believe they can achieve whatever future they desire and to change the life trajectories of those who have been traditionally underserved or lacked the resources and support to achieve. We want every teacher to become the champion of those students.


Engaging. Pioneering. Resourceful. 

We develop and scale programs that work in any school setting. We stand apart from our peers and competitors because of our focus on measurable results. We form new partnerships to deepen our impact in the communities we serve. 


Dedicated. Inspiring. Steadfast.

We are driven by the desire to be the unwavering advocates and champions that our students and teachers deserve. Success for them is success for us, and failure is not an option. We are energized by effecting dramatic and lasting change.